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For our second session, we’ve chosen one of the typical salidas favored by seasoned milongueros. Keep in mind that even when this maybe something commonly seen in Buenos Aires, you probably are not going to be dancing a lot in Buenos Aires, and let’s face it, you are not required to be a seasoned milonguero but if you approach this lesson as an opportunity to learn by adding a very resourceful movement to your repertoire and continue to apply the concepts of improvisation as we present them to you, your dancing definitely will benefit as you improve your level of confidence with solid knowledge that sticks anywhere you dance.

In the first of four lessons, after the initial opening step of a salida, we use a pair of quick back ochos of the woman to move to an outside lane, then we proceed with a cross feet salida to cruzada and resolution.

In the second installment of this second session, a media vuelta is inserted after the initial double back ochos in order to lengthen the original sequence.

In the third installment of this second session, a different ending is presented, using a forward ocho, a freno and a giro to the left.

In the fourth installment of this second session, we added a right hand salida to create a series of diagonals left and right.

Posted November 6, 2009 by Alberto & Valorie in Gotta Tango

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