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Next window, please

If you or people you know are looking to experience the DRAMA. The PASSION. The LOVE. The HATE!

If you are hot to learn the best INTENSE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS to wear while you FLING and SPIN!

If you want the dance floor to CLEAR for YOU, yes YOU, so you will be the ONLY ONE THERE, the STAR of the show!

If you want onlookers to narrow their eyes, sneer and scoff because they are JEALOUS of your cool tricks and flicks!

Sorry, next window please…

To say that we are excited with the way the Thursday Argentine tango sessions are shaping up, would be a major understatement. Really. Can’t tell if the moon is in the seventh house and Mercury aligns with Mars, but it really feels like 2001 again…

Fundamentals are not something we learn today and then discard tomorrow. Accomplished  musicians do scales. Accomplished athletes do drills. Accomplished ballet  dancers do daily classes at the barre. Accomplished artists draw every day.  Accomplished writers write every day. This is how we use our fundamentals.  They are the tools that we use every day as tango dancers. The more experienced we become, the more our fundamentals will look so spectacular that they will not be recognized as such by the untrained eye.

Our classes will be 2 hours long. Every week we will begin with a Warm up, Fitness and Technique period led by Valorie with me assisting. Then, we’ll introduce a particular aspect of technique which will be pertinent to the topic chosen for the evening’s lesson.

Tango is the ultimate touch dance between a man and a woman. It is a safe form for experiencing human connection three minutes at a time. It is an exercise in mutual respect and consideration for both partners as they both embark on a journey that requires full participation and cooperation from both ends of the partnership. No partner needed. Multiple lesson pass don’t expire unless we do first.

with Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart
Lelia Haller Dance Arts
4916 Canal St., New Orleans, LA


8 pm – 10 pm

$15 per person, $25 per pair.
5 lesson pass $50 per person, $90 per pair

For more information, 504.535.3614, or email,

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