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Two steps and something else

Very few people accept the proposition that there is an underlying set of ideas that support a structure  and provide a foundation for the proper learning of the dance, and the true freedom of improvisation. Even though sometimes it seems that a drop of water will pierce a rock faster than we can persuade people to understand the “rules” of the dance, we take good pride in teaching by challenging people to use their adult intellect to have fun like young children.We introduced one of those rules of tango dancing at the beginning of the current session, Every walking sequence consists of two steps, one with each foot, and something else other than repeating the first step. We have explained the basic patterns everyone learns by imitation, and described how the rule applies HERE

After the initial lateral opening of the salida, the man walks two steps forward, first with his right, then with his left, and then he brings his right foot next to his left, and closes changing weight. The woman matches by first stepping back with her left, then with her right, and then she crosses her left foot over her right foot.

From the cruzada position, the man man walks two steps back, first with his left, then with his right, and then he opens to hos left with his left. The woman in turn walks two step forward, first with her right, then with left, and then she opens to her right with her right.

In this session, we learn another option. At 12″ and 22″ the woman will take two steps forward, (one with leg), first with her right to the right shoulder of the man, then change direction with a rotation to her right, and take a second forward step with her left to the left shoulder of the man. She then does something else, she crosses her right behind her left while turning to face the man.

To make this happen, the man will first take a back step with his left, hold on his left axis while changing the woman’s direction with a slight rotation of his shoulder (“Come to my left shoulder now, please“), and then crossing his right behind his left on her second forward step.

At 22” we show how to concatenate the sequence learned with a resolution to create an apparent longer combination.

These and many other rules and concepts are thoroughly explained in our book Gotta Tango, which you can buy HERE

Posted August 29, 2011 by Alberto & Valorie in Gotta Tango

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