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Having fun showing off

Pupi Castello was an inspiration and a mentor for many dancers who eventually got caught in the global explosion of the 1990’s that made the tango a universal magnet for people around the world. He is from an era when practically everybody had the ability to teach, but there were no teachers. Somebody would teach something, and someone would then teach something to someone else who knew less than he did and it was like sharing acquired knowledge. He passed away in 2006 after having influenced the way European dance in the early 1990’s and become a living legend in the dance halls of Buenos Aires. He left behind memories, anecdotes, and above all grateful friends and disciples who find his insane creativity as modern today as they were 15 years ago. He was generous to share some of his tricks with people he thought deserved to be given a step to take home with them.The combination we featured this week starts with an unexpected back sacada in parallel system! It is also a leg wrap for the man that leads to a woman’s boleo and another unexpected place where to ask the woman for a gancho.

The set up can be any variation that brings the woman from the cruzada position. You can start with a cross feet sacada when the woman steps forward from the cruzada, or you can choose to step back cross feet with your right leg when she advances with her right forward step. The idea is for the man to do a parallel system sacada on the woman’s lateral opening followed by a back sacada on the woman’s back step.

The sacada is one of tango’s compound moves where there is an action followed by a reaction (do not mistake this concept with ballroom “lead and follow”). As the person provoking the displacement makes a move to occupy the axis currently occupied by the other person, the displaced person goes to the other axis and reacts rotating on that axis.

That results into a change of direction using the back step, otherwise known as a back ocho. Here the man induces the woman into beginning another back ocho but as she begins to extend her right leg for another change of direction, the man changes his weight to his forward leg and quickly switches axis back to his right. This interrupts the woman’s transition to another back step and instead she changes direction embellishing with a leg flick (boleo) and steps forward with her right leg.

The man fakes a cross feet sacada by simply extending his right leg, stopping her from completing the forward step, and marking a back step. At the same time he puts weight on his right leg, flexes his knee to create a space where she can hook her leg as her back step is blocked.

In our case we chose to end the sequence with a forward ocho and a resolution.

Posted October 26, 2011 by Alberto & Valorie in Gotta Tango

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