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Variations on a cool sequence

The combination we featured last time featured an unexpected back sacada in parallel system. The leg wrap for the man was followed by a woman’s boleo and another unexpected place where to ask the woman for a gancho.

In this lesson, we will use a different set up. We’ll start with a simple salida to the woman’s cruzada.
From the cruzada position, the man will indicate a forward motion for the woman by stepping back with his left foot.
As the woman begins to walk on the right of the man, she will be executing a change of front, or applying the code of the tango. That means that she will start her forward motion with her right foot followed by a forward step with her left foot. The man will match her second step with a short back diagonal which will convert her forward step on an opening.

The man will double step while sending the woman into her third step, an outside cross with her right foot.
At soon as she has both feet on the ground he will stop her motion, and place his right foot next to her left foot indicating a parada.
Next, he will begin to move to her right side by sandwiching her left foot and stepping back with his right foot.

At this point the woman will step over the man’s left foot and start a new change of front. The man will do the parallel system sacada on the woman’s lateral opening followed by a back sacada on the woman’s back step.

On the second part of the video clip, we choose to have the woman boleo right after the man’s back sacada, and proceed to a cruzada and resolution.

Posted November 7, 2011 by Alberto & Valorie in Gotta Tango

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