Tango Improvisation – Part 4   Leave a comment

Tango Improvisation – Part 4

We really hope that you have enjoyed the first four week seminar on tango improvisation, and that our goal of teaching you how to think has made very positive changes in the way you now will approach the enjoyment of dancing tango with a new attitude. We’d like to say that our first four week seminar on tango improvisation ended with a bang, but… we were so pleased with the results that we have added a lagniappe session to wrap things up. This will be a great opportunity for those who missed some classes to catch up, and for everyone else to review and reinforce the newly acquired improvisations skills.

At this stage of your tango awareness education, we would hope that,

  • You make axis and embrace your foremost priority as you step on the dance floor
  • You never refer to women as followers or follows again
  • You never refer to men as leaders or leads
  • You don’t think that you need to compromise your dancing by “adjusting” to whom you dance with
  • You don’t respond to a compliment on your dancing by “blaming” it on a good “leader” or a good “follower.”
  • You accept responsibility for what you can and can’t do
  • You accept compliments on your superb dancing with kindness (and pride)
  • You continue internalizing your knowledge by forcing your body to follow your thoughts
  • You continue to master the concepts of body alignment and body positions
  • You don’t invent “new” steps beyond the six root movements you can do with two legs.
  • You never look at the feet but concentrate on the motions of the bodies in space

At least, give it a good try, and don’t fall back into the old habits of step collection and connecting dots dancing.
Every dance should a be a shared adventure.

In our last session, we moved from exercising the six root steps in place to use them in  a very useful construction called La base, or The Base. No matter how deep into a complex combination you are, you will always be in one of the stages of La base, perhaps a different stage for the man than for the woman, but that is why we’re teaching you how to think. The moment the motion memory in your brain begins to understand and recognize that, you become another member of the improvisation club with all the perks that that entitles. Free upgrades and priority boarding are just a step ahead.

Please, raise your head and look at the bodies, do not memorize feet movements, but recognize the elements you have learned and start marveling at the seamless way of connecting them into coordinated patterns..
Thank you for your trust and dedication.

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