Tango improvisation – Part 3   Leave a comment

Tango Improvisation – Part 3

You have successfully learned about the essential improvisation components that, if mastered by both men and women, remove the shackles off step collection, leading and following, and bland repetitious routines from the joy of dancing. You will need to review time after time Session 1 and Session 2 to reinforce the understanding and ownership of these concepts.

  • Creating Motion
  • Home position
  • Salida position
  • Outside right position
  • The Six Fundamentals Steps of the Tango
  • Stepping Forward
  • Stepping Backwards
  • How to mark lateral openings (Side steps)
  • How to mark inside crosses (Forward steps)
  • How to mark outside crosses (Back steps)

Your reward for your hard work and dedication is a minimum of words this time so you can spend quality time reviewing topics covered in this session, and begin to get a taste of how to use the tools you have learned so far.

Please, do not memorize feet movements, but begin to recognize the elements you have learned and start marveling at the seamless way to connecting them into coordinated patterns..

Posted March 5, 2013 by Alberto & Valorie in Gotta Tango

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