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Master teachers with a proven record of providing expert instruction while examining the romance, passion, and emotion that fuel the authentic Argentine tango.

Their company, Planet Tango, in New Orleans, Louisiana, is dedicated to preserving, fostering, and advancing the Argentine tango culture.

They have produced widely successful festivals in New Orleans since 2002. Together Paz and Hart conduct master classes as well as lectures and workshops in cities across America and the world.

They are the first place winners of the 3rd US Salon Tango Championship, and they also publish El Firulete, The international Argentine tango blog on line as well as several topic related blogs. They have been featured dancers in Buenos Aires at a TV show called Tango Around the World. Their website http://www.planet-tango.com provides dancers the opportunity to network on an international level.

Paz is a native from Argentina who grew up in the city of Buenos Aires, while Hart was born in the United States and is ballet trained with experience in both off-Broadway and summer stock. They met in 1995 during a tango conference and workshop at Stanford University. Since then, they have made Argentine tango dancing their business.

They have developed a methodology based on the fundamental structure of the dance, combining traditional and modern concepts of improvisation originally developed in the 1930s, updated in the 1990s, and successfully utilized in workshops in cities across America and around the world since 1997.

Posted March 16, 2009 by Alberto & Valorie

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