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About the Book and DVD

Gotta Tango is a superior instructional package for learning how to dance the authentic Argentine tango at a social level. Master teachers Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart take you on a journey through the rich culture, history, and music of Buenos Aires that inspired the romantic passion, alluring creativity, and natural elegance of the Argentine tango dance. You will learn the fundamentals and roles each partner plays in this exhilarating and intimate social dance.

The book describes, illustrates, and explains the fundamental concepts and techniques, while the DVD visually demonstrates real dance situations with a partner. This combination provides tango lessons that are infinitely more effective than a stand-alone book or video product—and will have you dancing with confidence in less time than you thought possible.

Each tango dancer has a unique way of expressing movements. Gotta Tango offers a logical, structured approach that will help you learn quickly how to move spontaneously with a partner and with the music. It provides the tools you will use every day as a tango dancer as you immerse yourself in the experience, pleasure, and addiction of dancing the Argentine tango.

About the Authors

Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart combine their passion for and profound understanding of the tango with their unparalleled skill as teachers, their maturity as dancers, and their full time dedication and generosity to technical excellence regardless of favorite styles and musical preferences.

Their workshops involve moderate hard work. People are encouraged not to shy away from any workshop on account of a personal or someone else’s perception of your level of expertise. The experience of being in the hands of masters is complete and inspiring and worth everything you put into it.

The method they employ fosters progressive equalization in a genuinely caring environment intended to make the dancer feel welcome, relaxed and even smile, but also challenge him/her to build confidence in his/her ability to learn and progress, in each and every workshop.

Paz and Hart are the authors of the best seller book GOTTA TANGO, an important resource that offers a logical and structured approach to the art of tango improvisation.

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  • Reached worldwide sales of 5,500 copies on January 31, 2013

Our next goal is to make sure many more people benefit from the only technical manual that teaches how to think on the dance floor.

Get the Special Author’s Edition of Gotta Tango.

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Posted September 6, 2011 by Alberto & Valorie

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  1. Thank you so much for such a helpful book and lovely video. I must express how helpful this is for me. The descriptions are so pragmatic but as put so beautiful to read. Even some of the simple expression of execution is beautiful!

    The book came in a matter of 2 days! I appreciate such care in shipping. The signatures on the title page were such an inspirational surprise.

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