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The 2001 Tango Getaway Master classes   Leave a comment

The 2001 Tango Getaway Master classes

The years go by and suddenly talking about the early days have a meaning.
It’s hard to understand how people today can relate to the rituals and traditions that form the foundations of the Argentine tango we dance everywhere, without the benefit of being exposed to links that reach to the golden years of the tango.
We were fortunate to live along the last generation of milongueros with a direct connection to the golden years, and learning the meaning of tango came gradually as a natural rite of passage sharing with them their wisdom, their wit, and their life experiences. We spent many of the formative years formulating a methodology based on the oral knowledge passed along by so many well known and not so well known bailarines de tango, which is the highest honor vested upon those who simply know how to dance the tango.The explosion of technology, and the onset of social media makes it possible for us, to bear testimony to those things we learned and were able to teach, by inviting you to participate in one of many three day master classes taught at the legendary Labor Day Weekend Tango Getaway in Reno, NV. The very last one in 2001.

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